For the purposes of obtaining fine art insurance, tax deductions, and estate planning, CAB Fine Art prepares written USPAP compliant appraisal reports for contemporary fine art.

When evaluating an art object for an appraisal, it is important to accurately assess the following:

- the art object’s physical condition;
- the history of ownership or provenance;
- recent sales of comparable artworks;
- the value that can be realized in the marketplace;
- the historical importance of the work.

At the start of an appraisal project, we provide a preliminary informal analysis to determine which objects may warrant a formal written appraisal. This allows us to evaluate your collection in the most cost-effective manner.

CAB Fine Art maintains access to auction and private sale records of investment quality fine art and can provide you with an accurate assessment of the art objects in your collection within today’s marketplace. During the valuation process, we may also photograph, examine, review, and provide conservation recommendations for art objects of value that may be damaged or at risk.

CAB Fine Art prepares all appraisals reports in conformity with the current version of The Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). ¬†USPAP is the quality control standard applicable for personal property valuation appraisal analysis and reports in the United States and its territories.

Staff members at CAB do not sell, broker, or trade art objects.